What is Sport for Fun?

Sport 4 Fun is a hi-tech obstacle course with adventure stations. At every station, you get to measure your sport abilities with our modern and spectacular gadgets, which mainly focus on handball-like situations. Besides these, we believe it is very important that every individual can find something at our sporttainment park, that they are good at. Rest assured, you will definitely find something here that you absolutely love, we will not let you get bored!

This obstacle course is operated via computers and our lovely animators, with the help of special, personalised QR code, to track your results and which station you are at. Thus, we make sure not to waste any paper in the evaluation process. We are hoping that it is warmly welcomed that Sport for Fun cares deeply about mother nature and maybe we inspire YOU to also work on protceting her!

If you’d like to participate, you will need to register, which you can do on our website. Naturally, we provide opportunity to also register at the event, however, if you are already here, we advise you to take a few minutes and register now, so that the fun can begin right when you arrive to our locations. We will also send you your results via the email address you provided.

It is very much worth it to try our course, not only because of our entertaining obstacles and because of sports. In fact, if you complete the stages, you will receive a personalised analysis of your performance. You will learn what you are the best at, and where you have room to improve. Our analysis, after the successful completion of the course, will also tell you which handball position would be the most suitable for you.

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